Subject: Safety Tech Inc.

In Jan of 2011, my wife and I moved back to Cincinnati area for the 2nd time and purchased a home in a northeast suburb. Our home was less than 10 years old and a former builder model. We absolutely loved it!   Unfortunately, several months later as we moved into the spring wet season, my wife informed me she “felt a hard time breathing when she was in the home, which cleared up once she was outside the house for several hours”. Not knowing quite what to do with that realization, we just tabled it. However, the condition worsened, and since my wife’s immune system was compromised from 3 bouts against cancer, we had to find out what was going wrong. 

 Her MD suspected some type of airborne contaminant so we started by having the air analyzed. We learned several things in the process:

  1. These tests can be quite expensive and require several samples on each floor of the home to understand what is happening.
  2. There are many companies and individuals who claim to be “experts”, but in actuality have very limited, if any training. In fact, my experience proved that most are actually “learning on the job”, yet charging unsuspecting customers for acquiring their knowledge and experience.
  3. These same “experts” ultimately come to the conclusion that expensive remediation and cleaning efforts will resolve any customer’s problems…even if you can’t see what you are cleaning.

Very unfortunately, we tried several experts to the tune of $17,000-$18,000 for tests and cleaning WITHOUT success. We were truly at the end of our rope before my house cleaning professional advised me that another customer of hers had a similar situation except they had used Dr. Kristin Szava and Safety Tech Inc. with tremendous results. We contacted Kristin and were fortunate enough to get an appointment fairly quickly. Kristin and her team hit the ground running, much like the other “experts” I had contracted with one very glaring exception… Kristin DOES have the credentials and knowledge regarding industrial air quality and building moisture intrusion. She immediately established a “working hypothesis” for where the water might be gaining access based on her vast knowledge and experience. And, she then utilized infrared thermal imaging, and with moisture intrusion tests to confirm her hypothesis. Within 3 hours of walking into my home, she had isolated and contained the SOURCE of my problem, AND laid out an initial remediation plan to insure the ill effects my wife was experiencing would cease immediately.

 After the source was identified and the harmful air contaminants were contained, we began the process of correcting the building deficiencies, which allowed the moisture to enter the home. This was also a very expensive endeavor, but at least my wife and I had the certainty that the problem would finally be resolved.

For anyone experiencing similar problems involving airborne contaminants and moisture intrusion, I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking out the very best qualified company you can find. I am absolutely certain, that Safety Tech Inc., founded and run by Dr. Kristin Szava is very likely the best-qualified company in the Midwest. My wife and I thank God daily for our good fortune in being introduced to Dr. Száva!

Doug F.




“Kristin’s, knowledge, reputation, and demeanor gave me peace of mind at a time that could have been very stressful. Her reports are thorough and a pleasure to give to the new homeowners. Kristin was also very helpful in selecting contractors to mitigate our job.”
– Mary C.
Mason, OH Homeowner



“Recently during a home inspection, a patch of mold was discovered in an unfinished portion of our basement.  Kristin Száva of Safety Tech, Inc. was recommended to us for further inspection, testing and remediation specifications.  Kristin came to our house and completed air quality and mold testing.  With the findings, Kristin then developed thorough remediation specifications and submitted the specifications to three mold remediation firms for bids.  We then selected the contractor who performed the remediation to the exact requirements presented in the specifications.  Kristin returned and performed post remediation air quality and mold testing to ensure the mold was completely remediated.  We were very pleased with her professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process.  She is knowledgeable, thorough and efficient.  Kristin provided professional and detailed testing and remediation reports and communicated the details with us throughout the entire process.  She was willing to discuss any questions or concerns we had regarding the findings and remediation requirements.  We highly recommend Kristin and Safety Tech, Inc. for others who need an expert with unparalleled experience.”

– Beth
Hyde Park, Ohio



We contacted Kristin Száva after using two other mold remediation consultants and still failing mold tests on our home.  Kristin was very thorough.  She investigated everything, asked loads of questions, talked to other experts and found the problem.  Then, she solved the problem! I wish we would have contacted Kristin first – it would have saved us time, money and frustration!
Kristin was always professional and kind.  I also knew that she would respond to my questions or concerns quickly and completely. Her caring attitude made a difficult time easier!

– Elizabeth,
Park Hills, KY



I have the unique position of being both a client of Safety Tech Inc., as well as a mold remediation technician who worked alongside Dr. Kristin Száva.

Kristin first recruited my services as a remediation technician.  She provided a concise and thorough plan for the remediation process and was meticulous in the implementation of the plan.  She is exceptionally qualified and very professional. Her communications with the clients were both informative and reassuring. I genuinely believe that it would be highly unlikely to find a more knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated expert in her field.

When my newly built house had a water intrusion problem, Dr. Száva was my greatest advocate in resolving the ensuing mold problem. Not only did she provide a remediation plan, she also supervised the necessary repairs to the incorrectly installed door, and the safe removal and replacement of contaminated materials. This was in addition to calming my fears regarding the exposure of a family member with a compromised immune system!

I recommend only Safety Tech to my friends and family that have air quality concerns.

– Carol
Mold Remediation Technician and Homeowner
Milford, OH




In the course of handling a large commercial insurance loss where extensive water damage had occurred, it became necessary to call in a specialist in water remediation methods and assessment. A water main that supplied the buildings water sprinkler system burst under the buildings slab and proceeded to flood the lower levels of the building. It affected every room on the floor and the elevator shaft, which also flooded. The insured brought in a nationally recognized insurance repair contractor to extract the standing water and start dehumidification before I was able to visit the site and see what was being done. Unfortunately the contractor was not qualified to handle this level of damage as their answer for dealing with the water soaked building was to add more dehumidifiers and let them run forever! The equipment was set up improperly and monitored inadequately and as a result the building was not drying out. In an effort to get a more experienced opinion on what was needed, I contacted Dr. Száva with Occupational Health and Safety Engineering and her associate, Mr. Verssen, to visit the site and review and assess what was needed to get the water damage under control.

After their review and recommendations the damages were finally resolved and the billing that was submitted to me by the contractor discounted by almost 50% when they were advised of all of their missteps in handling the water remediation. It was clear to the contractor that they had not handled the damages properly and was only too happy to settle for what we did. The timely and effective assessment by Dr. Száva was instrumental in getting this insurance loss settled for a reasonable sum. In all of my years in the insurance and inspection industry it is invaluable to know there are people like Dr. Száva and Mr. Verssen out there to go to when a clear and concise assessment is needed.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Stull

General Insurance Adjuster
ASHI Certified Inspector #7059
Licensed Radon Tester #RT168
Brady & Henderson, Inc.



Kristin Száva has provided peace of mind for our family on several occasions through both her expertise and compassion.   

Her credentials and experience speak for the superior quality of work that you can expect from Kristin.  Given her integrity, honesty and objectivity you are ensured a clear and accurate assessment of even the most challenging situations.  

Kristin truly cares about the health of our family as demonstrated by her immediate response to assess an air quality issue in our new home given her concern for our three young children.  She is also committed to ensuring that we invest wisely as she assisted us in the assessment of a potential property purchase. 

We are grateful for all of Kristin’s support over the past years and we will always turn to her for assistance in the future.


Tara B.

Indian Hill